Chammy's Mobile Laundry

So you dont have to...

Sometimes laundry just gets out of control. The cleaners only take single items, and tend to lose them. We will wash all clothes, towels and bedding except for big bulky comforters. Pets? No problem! If it can be washed at home in a machine, we can do it. You a mechanic? A Landscaper? We can't guarantee to get the stains out, but they will be clean and ready for more abuse. We are NOT a dry cleaners, so please if it can't be washed in a machine, please don't send it.

We charge flat fees per load. $10 first load. $8 each additional load.  $10 pickup and delivery fee.

  • You set the temperatures.
  • You sort the loads. Please no overfill. If overfilled, it will be considered an additional load
  • Load a 13 gallon kitchen bag or canvas laundry bag in equivalent size.
  • If you have stains, please pre-treat it before pickup
  • Bras/Swimsuits: We will put them in a special bag and air dry them for you upon request
  • We supply soap, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. If you have special detergents, just send them along with your loads
  • We will fold your clothes as neatly as possible. If you include hangers, we will hang them
  • Laundry will be returned within 1-3 days. Orders are first come first serve.


You set the temperature. We use all free & clear. If you prefer a different detergent, just pack it with your laundry. Fabric softener available upon request


You pick the heat setting. Dryer sheet included upon request


We will fold/hang your laundry. You must supply the hangers if you want hanger service


$10 First load of laundry.
$8 Each additional load.
$3 Extra Soiled (aka mud, oil, etc) Per Load
$10 Pickup and delivery fee 


  • We do not set the temperatures for your loads, you do. 
  • We do not sort your clothes. Please have pre-sorted. If a white shirt turns pink because you didn't sort it, it's not our fault.
  • Please check your pockets. We are not responsible for items left in pockets
  • Your clothes stay with your clothes. Except bras and swimsuits if requested for air dry. We will tag them and put them back in your bag after dried.
  • Please do not stuff the bags, unless you are planning on multiple loads per bag. Remember, the fees are per load of laundry and our machines only hold so much.
  • We cannot guarantee that your laundry will not get damaged. We will not be inspecting laundry for damage before we accept it. But we will do our best to give you good service because we want you to be a loyal customer. 
  • Laundry will be returned in 1-3 days. Orders are first come first serve.


All Seniors will receive a 10% discount

We know how hard it can be for seniors to do laundry.  We are here to help.
  • Hayden, Idaho, United States